Facilites Available

Dept. of medicine: Dept. of skin:
Regular OPD RadioFrequncy
24hr Emergency Service Digital Iontopheresis
In Patient Facility (30 Beds) Dermabrasion
ICU (5 Beds) Chemical peeling
X-Ray, TMT Cosmatology
Ultrasound & Echocardiography Puva theraphy
24hr Pharmacy Laser Treatment
Dept. of Pathology Dept. of Orthopedics
Biochemistry Modern Operation Theater;
Hematology 24hrs Trauma & Emergency Service
Microbiology All Types of Constructive Surgeries
Cytology,FNAC Spine Surgery
Hormone estimation

Dept. of Pathology


All routine tests including complete hemogram,Fine needle aspiration cytology,Culture sensitivity,Hormone estimation and biochemical tests are done with latest technologies and atmost precision.

Dept. of Orthopedics

The Department offers routine and comprehensive trauma care with specialists available round-the-clock for total patient care. A dedicated orthopedic operation theater with all the latest equipments,comprising of image intensifier for trauma care along with facilities for joint replacement and spine surgeries.

Dermatology, Cosmetology and Dermatosurgery

1. Laser therapy for unwanted hairs,Acne Scars,Acne prevention,
Facial skin rejuvenation,wrinkle treatment,Anti aging.

2.Radiofrequency surgery for cysts, acrocordons, small tumours.

3.Cryosurgery for keloids,warts callocities.

4.Electro Surgery for corns,warts and other skin conditions.

5.Digital iontophoresis for hyperhydrosis.

6.Puva therapy for vitiligo,psoriasis

7.Vitiligo surgery.

8.Hair transplantation.

Totally Equiped Operation Theater

Fully airconditioned with hydraulic operation table which has kidney bridge,ortho attachments, Central oxygen,Boyles apparatus,Intubation set,Bipolar underwater cuatery machine Ot light, Suction machine, 15KV Power backup Fumigator,Auto clave machine Etc.

Male General Ward

Female General Ward

Special Ward

24Hr Pharmacy


Qucik Contacts

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Dr.Mahesh Hegde:
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